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Design apps for Windows Phone using awi MX

NDL is proud to announce the release of version 8 of its awi MX mobile application development toolkit. Providing organisations with the ability to develop line-of-business applications that work cross-platform and integrate with existing back-office systems, MX version 8 sees the addition of Windows Phone to the existing broad range of platforms. Any application already developed and in use by customers will automatically run on Windows Phone, delivering the full native phone experience, but without any need to recode those existing applications.

“As we deploy to more and more customers across Local Government and the Health sector, we have seen an increasing demand to support Windows phone. This seems to be due to its manageability, security and integration with Office applications and many public sector organisations are increasingly turning to it as the corporate device of choice. We already support Windows tablets so given the demand, adding support for Windows Phone was a logical next step.” said Peter Brightwell, Product Manager for awi MX.

“Due to the unique way in which awi MX works, a growing range of application templates for Windows Phone are already available through our Application Show Case. Customers can just download and customise or build on these, delivering the full native look and feel of Windows Phone applications and offering the full off-line, ‘sometimes connected’ working that is all important to today’s mobile users.”

MX version 8 is a free download for all existing NDL awi MX subscribers. For more information contact info@ndl.co.uk