Public Store Edition

Designed to allow organisations the opportunity to engage with members of the public to develop new services and promote social inclusion, the MX Public Store Edition represents a new era in app delivery. Whether you are an NHS Trust promoting wellbeing and the gathering of data to allow your clinicians to help meet the needs of their patients, a Local Authority or Housing Association looking to better engage with citizens and tenants, the ability to provision useful apps to deliver services and gather rich data is a massive step forward in the Digital journey.

Building on the proven pedigree of MX in the Enterprise environment, the Public Store Edition of MX now allows customers to develop apps for the public. The requirements of public-facing apps are in many ways the same as for the enterprise in that they need to be easy to create, secure, feature-rich and most importantly of all, work offline and across any device type that the user may have, even if they upgrade or change their phone or tablet.

Public-facing apps however need to be delivered and ‘consumed’ in a different way. The management approach to apps is also very different to apps used by employees in the Enterprise. Customers still need the ability to publish and update apps over the air, however the ability to gather data on the devices and manage individual user activity is not the same.

The nature of publicly-accessible apps is their unpredictability in terms of scale and longevity. Whereas the uptake of a cohort of specific group patients in a Trust is relatively predictable, an app created to support a major sporting or cultural event may need to scale massively at short notice. As PSE is delivered through Microsoft’s trusted Azure cloud platform via the Azure MarketPlace, scalability is built in, and you only need to pay for what is actually used, when it is used.

MX PSE has been specifically tailored to meet these needs, but without compromising the end user’s right to privacy.

Deployment via Public App Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store
  • Remote Application Deployment
  • Service and load Monitoring
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • No practicable limit
  • Click and go with Azure Marketplace
Cross Platform Support
  • Apple IoS
  • Google Android
  • Windows Universal Client
  • Windows Desktop & Windows Phone
Integration Services
  • ADO Databases (Microsoft and ANSI SQL)
  • Web Services (SOAP & REST)
  • awi SX Universal Integration Adapter
  • Device PIM information (Mail, Calendar, Notifications etc)
  • Device Hardware (GPS, Camera, Sounds etc)
  • On Device Secure Image and Object Storage
  • 256bit Encryption of all data
  • At rest
  • In Transit
Audit Logging (Scalable) by
  • Application
  • Device Type

For a complete description of all features contact
So if you are ready to embrace the next generation of Digital inclusion by providing the apps that your patients, citizens and customers need, get in touch and take a look at MX PSE.