1 p.m. Tuesday 16th November

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

Mobile Working Projects in Local Government & Housing

This short webinar is packed full of real-life digital transformation stories, directly from our customers in local government and housing. Join our team as we showcase and share with you a plethora of case studies from Wigan Council, Home Group and more. We will detail how individual organisations have implemented digital technologies such as mobile and web-based apps, to improve their service to citizens.



During the 45-minute webinar we will cover:

  • The use of digital transformation tools, and how they can enable rapid and far reaching digital change, without the additional requirement of disruptive system changes.
  • How Warwickshire County Council are transforming services to citizens across the organisation.
  • How Home Group has digitised Case Management with a secure App.
  • The innovative way in which Wigan Council has met surges in COVID-19 testing and changing government requirements with eForms.
  • Summary of the session, including next steps and Q&A.


Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave this webinar with the steps services like yours have taken to successfully adopt a digital transformation strategy, alongside key learnings from our 30-something years of experience in business transformation.

The webinar provides further learnings from our customer stories, and the steps to adopting your digital-first approach to services to citizens. The webinar provides the opportunity to gather ideas from your peers to take home to your organisation, and how you can apply mobile or web-based apps to a specific department or roll out at a corporate level.


*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *