11 a.m. Tuesday 23rd November

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

What Makes Digital 'Smart' 

Contrary to popular opinion, ‘Smart Digital’ isn’t a new concept, it’s been around for some time and is currently being employed for its operational capabilities across the public sector. Join our myth-busting team as we de-mystify the ‘Smart’ digital approach and the combinations of tools involved, as we aim to get to the bottom of what makes digital ‘smart.’

We will discuss smart digital approaches that could be useful to you, before exploring real-world stories from our customer community across Healthcare and Local Government . The team will also provide a demo of a smart digital process, aiming to inspire your next project and prove a smart approach is simpler than you may think!




During the 45-minute webinar we will cover:

  • How digital transformation tools can be instrumental in your continuing COVID-19 response, business as usual and the future beyond.
  • Real-world examples from our customers at Circle Health, Moray Council & West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.
  • What makes digital 'smart' including a live demonstration of a smart transformation process led by our experts.
  • Summary of the session, including next steps, Q&A and a chance to stick around after the webinar to network with your peers and our team.


Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our digital transformation webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave this session with a better understanding of smart digital transformation, and its usefulness to apply to your digital working practices. You will benefit from key learnings from our 30-something years of experience in business transformation, and also from the success stories of our customers across the public sector, allowing you to gather ideas from your peers to take back to your organisation.

There will be the opportunity to chat with our NDL experts about digital technologies available to you, and how you can apply smart digital principles to a specific department or roll out at a corporate level.


*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *