11 a.m. Tuesday 28th Sept

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

Public Sector Digital Transformation: Top Tips for the Successful Delivery of RPA Projects

Every day across the public sector, automation technology is managing simple process-based tasks. Automation bots are taking care of logic-based processing in the background, without error or the need for a coffee break. When the consistency of RPA is combined with a smart workflow layer that take on some of the decision-making burden, knowing your more complex digital processes are securely taken care of. 

The final session in our automation series draws together everything we have learnt over the past weeks. It is an opportunity to dive into the mechanics of successfully delivering a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project at your organisation be it a large-scale data migration, synchronisation or the integration of systems. Our team will guide you through the key steps to identifying a project candidate for automation, whilst addressing the perceived limitations and how to overcome project challenges.

We will also share our A-Z methodology for implementing a successful RPA project, one that has supported many Public Sector organisations deploy RPA at scale. To top it off, we will share some hints from your peers across the Public Sector, sharing their approach to implementing RPA to improve their services.


Why not join us for the webinar where you can:

  • Learn exactly what RPA is, and how a digital workforce can be scaled to maximise investment across the breadth of your organisation.
  • Understand more about what process makes a good candidate for RPA technology.
  • Learn how to deliver a successful RPA project, the perceived challenges, and the benefits.
  • Explore our A-Z automation project methodology, an evolution of almost 38 years in the business of automation.
  • Learn how to start small and get going with your RPA project and tips for storyboarding in collaboration with your IT department.
  • Finally, enjoy a session summary, including next steps, Q&A and a chance to stick around after the webinar to network with your peers and our team.


Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave this webinar with plenty of top tips from our team for identifying and implementing your next RPA project. You will be armed with advice on where to look for potential projects within your organisation and determine the potential ROI. Our proven RPA methodology comes our 30-something years of experience in business transformation, and proudly helping to save countless hours for the Public Sector with our flagship RPA technology. The webinar provides further learnings from our customer stories, allowing you to gather ideas from your peers to take home to your organisation.


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