29th March - RPA Project Showcase

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

RPA Project Showcase - led by Newcastle City Council & Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Join frontline digitisation experts from Newcastle City Council & Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS for an exclusive online Project Showcase, focusing on harnessing the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – from early project mechanics to proven and lasting automation-first operations.

During the session, hosts from pioneering UK health and local government delve into real-world automation, uniquely offering two perspectives – from pre-live key project considerations and approach from a Trust in the infancy of its RPA journey, to a multi-project RPA catalogue of deployments spanning eight years at a north-east council.

Hosts will share planning insights for integrating GP secondary care eReferrals from the national eRS system into a trusts EPR, and the long-term value in deploying RPA successfully – with specific impact in Social Care. Both organisations will delve into the fundamental practices of using low-code RPA technology to save time, manage complexity and transform services for the better.

Joe Bradshaw, Senior IT Solutions Analyst at Newcastle City Council

  • From integration to migration, the intrinsic worth of RPA over eight years and collective key learnings and operational insights from 14 key projects.
  • The exemplary impact of RPA across the council’s social care services.
  • The role of RPA in its Care First project, automating the duplication of record entries for multi-child family home visits.
  • Supporting the long-term RPA journey – maintenance and continuous development for deep-rooted transformation success.


Alison Mellor & Katherine Nuttall, Project Manager’s at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    • The soon-to-launch inaugural RPA project – automating over 75,000 GP referrals per year from the national eRS into its Electronic Patient Record system (EPR) with estimated savings of over 6,000 hours of manual admin per year.
    • Practical advice around considerations and challenges on setting out, and how to overcome perceived project barriers.
    • Working in collaboration – easing the load of project development and security with the help of NDL’s Project Delivery Team.
    • With 30 potential outpatient processes already identified, the future ambitions and corporate RPA adoption across the Trust.


The Project Showcase will close with a Q&A session - a great opportunity to ask guest hosts about their projects.


Why attend?

By joining, you will learn exactly how Newcastle City Council & Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS are uniquely approaching digital transformation with RPA, capitalising on its versatility across several diverse, replicable applications and maximising ROI as part of a new and evolutionary long-term approach.

Listen as public sector speakers share service-led transformation projects that are planned and have been delivered at their organisations, replicable to yours with a wealth of benefits. You will learn just how fundamental project planning and understanding your challenges are, and the importance of continuous maintenance for futureproofing developments for long-term relevance and success. Lastly, you will hear critical insights, top tips that may help to lay the foundations for your business case, and how low- code automation technology could be an integral part of your digital strategy.