9 a.m. Thursday 9th June - Glasgow

Powered by NDL Transform Events, at 9 a.m on Thursday 9th June we bring to Glasgow…

The digital revolution: Leveraging front-end technologies to level up the public sector

Location: Level Three Conference Room, Strathclyde University

Join like-minded public sector organisations across health, local government, housing, education and policing in an interactive session exploring the role of front-end technologies in radically transforming services. The half-day workshop is packed with real-world eForm, mobile app and end-to-end digital case studies as well as expert-led discussions.

The session introduces versatile, easy-to-build low-code eForms and mobile application technologies that can be universally applied to support secure, data-driven public services - accelerating the digital-first agenda. Hosts will delve into the various real-world applications of front-end technology, covering a spectrum of possibilities for device-enabled data capture and sharing whilst discussing any perceived barriers and benefits to digital change. From pioneering mobile-app based clinical photography, an award-winning citizen-facing eForm project, to a first of its kind complex eForm-led workflow - hosts share a showcase of public sector innovations with clear results to inspire ideas for usage in your own organisation.

On initially exploring front-end fundamentals, hosts de-bunk the ‘smart’ digital approach, clarifying exactly what it means to adopt a synergistic approach to technologies – combining digital resources to maximise ROI, drive stead-fast end-to-end solutions and accelerate frontline digitisation. Finally, hosts summarise front-end technologies, key insights for project success, all to help levelling-up working with today’s vast digital landscape.



9:00 – 9:30 - Delegate registration & welcome

9:30 - 9:40 - Session introduction and meet & greet

9:40 – 10:05 - The possibilities of front-end technologies in digital transformation and leveraging smart digital practices

  • An introduction to the role of low-code technologies in transforming services
  • Smarter working practices - pairing mobile apps and eForms with AI, BI & Analytics and back-end technology such as RPA, to create smart digital workflows

10:05 – 10:55 - The case for digital transformation

  • Sharing benefits and barriers to transforming your front-end technologies whilst understanding the reasons to focus on working smarter with digital

10:55 – 11:10 - Comfort break

11:10 – 11:50 - Sharing real-world examples of eForm, mobile app and smart working projects

  • NDL Customer Community stories, project insights, and outcomes

11:50 – 12:15 - Key considerations in delivering successful digital projects – smart or not

  • Implementing digital technologies
  • Top tips and lessons learnt from a digital expert
  • Tips for adopting cultural change within your organisation

12:15 - Lunch


Why attend?

Suitable for delegates interested in understanding the usage possibilities of front-end technologies or those looking to understand the power of combining technologies for end-to-end digital transformation projects. By joining, you will gain a clear understanding of what low-code technologies are, as well as the key steps to success. In covering a range of public sector case studies, you will leave the session more informed about specific challenge-based uses and where the technologies can play a major part in smarter working practices. The agenda aims to highlight key digital resources available and how even your current digital practices can be elevated with smart working – generating greater organisation-wide efficiencies, alongside fail-safe data capture and reinforced data security.

Finally, the session promises to prove that a smart approach is simpler than you may think and provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, discuss and share all-things digital with peers across the public sector.


Hit the registration button to secure your place! Once your registration has been validated, you will be contacted by a member of the events team to confirm your place, discuss any dietary requirements and unique special instructions. In complying with the latest public health considerations, we will ensure delegate place settings are generously spaced out with face masks and hand sanitiser readily available. Spaces are limited, and we kindly ask that if you can no longer attend, please email events@ndl.co.uk so your place can be offered to someone on the event waitlist. In addition, the venue requires that visitors are also fully vaccinated.

*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *