11 a.m. Tuesday 9th November

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

Accelerating Public Sector Digital Transformation with Low-Code Tools

Acknowledging that the public sector has been deeply impacted by COVID-19, our team will address the data capture and management challenges. We look at how this has shaped our view of digital as we navigate through our everchanging landscape, and perhaps kick-starting projects that have been paused due to the pandemic.

We will discuss how digital transformation can help meet the rapidly changing demands on services and care. We will highlight how low-code tools, (easy ‘drag and drop’ development environments to quickly create mobile or web-based apps) can help front-line teams deliver efficient and impactful services.


During the 45-minute webinar we will cover;

  • How COVID-19 re-shaped our view on Digital working practices.
  • Ways that you can continue to deliver on increasing demand for digital transformation projects.
  • The steps to implementing a digital transformation agenda with minimal disruption to services.
  • The tools and capabilities required to deliver digital transformation at scale.
  • Summary of the session, including next steps and Q&A.

Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave this webinar with how a digital-first approach can assist your continuing COVID-19 responses and beyond with minimal disruption. The webinar will also feature the key benefits of digital transformation tools and what you should expect from a low-code supplier.

You will learn how Mobile and Web-based App tools can support the dedicated work of your essential teams. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the webinar is an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers in Housing, Healthcare and Local Government.


*We would like to thank you for your interest, please note this is a closed event for public sector professionals only. *