Demystifying RPA & the power of IA

As part of the NDL Transform Online Series, we bring to you…

Public Sector Digital Transformation: Demystifying RPA & the power of IA (Intelligent Automation)

The first of our four-part automation series provides a high-level introduction to the possibilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA). During the webinar you will discover exactly what RPA is, how this technology can be applied to save resource, whilst laying the foundation for process transformation during the current crisis and beyond. You will discover how RPA can be used across a range of projects from integration to synchronisation, showcasing the flexibility, scalability, and data accuracy of RPA and how it is much more than simply an API replacement.

During part one, you will also learn about RPA in the traditional stand-alone form, before exploring how the world of automation is being transformed with readily available cognitive Artificial Intelligence services to create Intelligent Automations, adding a layer of smart to your process workflow and securely taking care of your complex digital processes.

Why not join us for the webinar where you can:

  • Learn exactly what RPA, AI and IA are, and how a digital workforce can be used across the breadth of your organisation.
  • Understand the differences between automation technologies, and how they can complement one another and smartly work together.
  • Understand the benefits and how to maximise your investment from deploying automation technologies, as part of your digital transformation agenda.
  • Finally, enjoy a session summary, including next steps and your chance to ask questions.

Why attend?

We bring this event as part of our new webinar series, exclusively for public sector professionals. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of RPA, AI and IA backed by NDL’s 15 years of automation experience in the public sector. Our experts really do know their stuff and will discuss where RPA can be integrated into your organisation seamlessly and a clear view of the potential savings. The webinar also provides the opportunity to keep up to date with current automation technologies and how the flexibility of our products, can further empower you to produce intelligent automations.

Also, look out for part two of our series, where we will share automation stories from our customer community in Healthcare. Perhaps a case study from your public sector peers could inspire your next automation? This is a chance to learn more.