iNetwork Awards 2021: NDL wins Partner Excellence Award with nomination from Wigan Council

Innovation Awards 2021 Winner Partner Excellence AwardRecognising the innovative and impactful work of the UK public sector, the iNetwork Awards are an annual celebration of industry-leading projects aiming to improve services for communities across the country. Nominated by Wigan Council for its support in providing the UK’s first digital COVID-19 test booking solution, NDL is delighted to announce its win of the Partner Excellence Award at this year’s event.

The project involved the creation of an integrated eForm system, allowing the council’s 300,000 residents to book appointments for COVID-19 testing at a time and site to suit them. Replacing a temporary offline spreadsheet management process, the project allowed for the more accurate collection of testing data – allowing the council to provide better services to its residents, such as surge testing at infection hotspots.

Delivering over 1,000 tests across its centres each week – with its busiest day seeing 287 tests – the digitised solution allowed Wigan to meet demand during the pandemic’s peak. The flexibility of the eForm system was crucial in Wigan’s crisis response, allowing the council to easily add and remove testing sites. To learn about the project in more detail, view the full case study here.

Within its nomination, Wigan Council stated: “The collaborative, agile development in partnership with NDL allowed us to quickly iterate through the changes imposed by government and improve the solution at each point. NDL were always available and regularly in contact to ensure the development of the booking system was on track and functioned as required.”

Alongside Wigan Council’s Samantha Tilley, Programme Manager, three members of the NDL team attended the May 2022 ceremony to accept the prestigious accolade – Campbell Harte, Seb Clancy and Daisy Campbell.

NDL Head of Delivery, Campbell Harte said, “It’s a project I feel huge pride in being involved in, watching and helping a diverse but dedicated group design, develop and deploy a complex solution in that period of time, under those conditions was a joy. The levels of trust, cooperation, communication and flexibility from everyone involved was a real credit to all those involved.”

Seb Clancy, NDL Business Manager said, “This was a fantastic project that I was so excited to be a part of. Wigan Council made real, tangible impacts with eForm technology throughout the pandemic - and continues to deliver industry-leading digitisations with innovation and ambition. It’s a real pleasure to support such a driven, dedicated, and adaptable team.”

NDL Account Manager, Daisy Campbell said, “It was great to be nominated for NDL’s work in supporting Wigan Council, resulting in a really successful project that got the recognition it deserved. And to be celebrating all the hard work delivered across the public sector in the last few years.”

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