Working together: Are project services right for you?

Project services are a huge topic of discussion, particularly within public sector tech. From scoping and support to full project delivery, there’s no shortage of third-party programmes promising to boost your digital transformations. However, particularly in public services, ROI is essential when finding room in the budget. In this edition of Hot Topics, we’re taking a closer look at third-party collaboration – including how to spot a good service, and when they’re most beneficial.

What are project services?

In terms of public sector tech, “project services” usually refers to a third-party organisation supporting the delivery of a digital transformation. That can be in any stage of the development cycle – from scoping and planning to deployment and testing, and everything between. It could even be the full delivery of a project, from start to finish.

Who are project services really for?

In the public sector, project services are a great option for any organisation looking to accelerate its transformations. Obviously, project services are particularly advantageous for those with resource gaps internally – for example, if your team isn’t particularly experienced in robotic process automation (RPA), assistance from the experts is a surefire way to reach your objectives without having to recruit or upskill.

However, project services aren’t just the answer for restricted internal capabilities – they’re also a great way to tackle pressing deadlines, busy periods, and challenging briefs. You might already have all of the necessary skills within your team, but other factors are preventing your project from reaching deployment. Project services can provide the extra hands needed to guarantee the planning, creation, testing and launch of a new technical solution or process.

When aren’t project services suitable?

Not all project services are created equal, so knowing exactly what you want to take away from a service before you commit is important. If you’re considering project services, here are a few things to look out for when choosing a suitable provider:

  • Experience: The UK public sector is unique, especially when compared to private organisations. From data protection to working practices, there’s plenty to consider from a technical standpoint within a public sector digital transformation project. For this reason, public sector projects are a bit of a speciality – it’s best to verify a provider’s experience within your field before committing.
  • Included support: It goes without saying that project services need to deliver bang for your buck, so it’s important to find a provider that understands and is aligned with your organisation’s desired objectives and ROI.
  • Flexibility: Project services are here to get your project up and running despite the unpredictable and fast-moving nature of the public sector. However, it’s important that sentiment is maintained throughout delivery too. Good project services are flexible, moving and adjusting to your requirements at every step of the process.
  • Customisation: Many providers offer fixed and rigid project services, with the same rinse and repeat processes no matter the circumstances. In the public sector, this can certainly have an impact on value. Project services that are delivered to your unique requirements are the best way to go – allowing you to maximise your investment.
  • Collaboration: To avoid transformation regression, it’s particularly important to choose project services that complement your in-house capabilities. Working together as a team not only ensures your organisation will be happy with the final product, but also allows for the delivery of a purpose-built project that perfectly suits your teams and existing processes.

How do NDL project services help the public sector?

The product of over 40 years of supporting the public sector, NDL’s project services are specifically designed for NHS and healthcare, local government, housing, policing and higher education organisations. Built around your organisation’s specific requirements, our project services can range anywhere from scoping to full delivery. But what are the real, tangible benefits of working with us to deliver your digital transformation projects?

Expand your capabilities

Whether you simply don’t have the internal resources, or you’re just looking to get the job done faster, NDL project services allow you to expand your capabilities. Working with technical and project delivery experts unlocks the art of the possible. With more hands on deck and endless knowledge of the NDL Evolve Transformation Platform, you’ll be able to tackle those advanced, complex or time-consuming projects that wouldn’t typically fall within your internal wheelhouse.

Accelerate your projects

Another great advantage of working with NDL to deliver your digital transformations is the ability to accelerate your projects. With a dedicated team assisting with - or completely delivering – your projects, significant time savings means you can hit those tight deadlines and give time back to the work that really matters.

Improve in-house skillsets

Whether your team is working alongside NDL’s delivery experts, or we’re completing your project independently, there are plenty of learning curves to take advantage of. If you’re exploring unfamiliar territory, you’ll come away armed with knowledge for your future projects – or if you’re simply adding to your internal resources, you’ll gain complete insight into NDL’s proven delivery methodology to help you stay on track when the time comes to go it alone.

Guarantee success

Perhaps most importantly, success is ensured with NDL project services. We’re here to help you deliver successful projects with outstanding ROI. Internal transformation isn’t easy – your project might never be the only one, and other priorities can crop up along the way. Our project services won’t allow your project to slip through the cracks – with excellent planning, a clear journey and experts on hand, working with us means your project stays on track until it passes the finish line.

NDL has identified some clear enablers that ensure our customers’ projects are set for success. Our methodology and project approach are designed to ensure that, at every stage of a project, there are clear outcomes, deliverables and milestones that will set our customers on the road to success.

We are always striving to become better at what we do and are constantly learning and looking to share our experiences with our customers - which in turn can improve our services and add value to our customer's projects.Caron Perry, NDL Project Manager

How can NDL support you?

Whether you’re already working with the NDL Evolve Transformation Platform or are interested in becoming a new member of the NDL Community, we’re here to help. Our support, education and project services are specifically designed for public sector organisations, built on over 40 years of experience. No matter your requirements, all of our services are delivered in line with your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.