Transforming Data Migration with RPA

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Transforming data migration with RPA

Data migration is a common challenge faced by many organisations across the UK public sector. Whether it be resident data stored in an end-of-life legacy system, or unstructured patient records awaiting transfer into a new electronic patient record system (ERS) – the data migration process can be extremely challenging when tackled manually.  

An excellent way to navigate this issue is with robotic data migration (RDM), which involves the application of robotic process automation (RPA) as a data migration tool. Marking our 40th anniversary of supporting the public sector, this paper collates learnings and insights including:

  • RPA principles and RDM methodology explained 
  • Real-life case studies from NHS, healthcare, and local government 
  • Project suitability and requirements  
  • Core benefits, such as risk reduction, cost savings, scalability, and data cleansing 

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