FX: eForms platform

Create beautiful, powerful eForms – easily. Save money and improve data quality and integrity

FX is an easy-to-use toolkit that allows you to design and manage powerful eForms.

The simple “drag and drop” studio is something that your average MS Powerpoint user can use to create great looking eForms. 

More technical users can take advantage of our unique extensibility features to create powerful new applications.

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Use the FX toolkit to create feature-rich, responsive eForms that integrate directly with any back-office system.

Use our expanding library of eForm templates within your organisation to improve efficiency, security and service delivery.

Our unique data architecture ensures that all data submitted is secure, putting the minds of the eForm creator, end-user and service owner at ease.

Transaction monitoring, remote management and complete audit trails give the service the opportunity to analyse data and produce invaluable Business Intelligence insights.

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FX: Key Features



Intuitive Navigation & Ease of Use

Create eForms without special technical training or coding ability.

Recognisable Microsoft Office interface, means it is instantly familiar and easy-to-use

FX studio provides a large range of out-of-the-box drag & drop form features, so that creators can confidently build and publish bespoke eForms quickly and easily.


Modern and Responsive

Full WYSIWYG design studio

Allows the seamless modification of eForm contents with the ability to view the results in real-time. Built-in style panels give the creator the power to completely change the look and feel of an eForm

All eForms published using FX are fully responsive out-of-the-box. Creators can switch to ‘mobile view’ at any time during the design process to ensure they look great in any device.

Conditional logic allows you to produce intelligent workflows, only displaying relevant form fields based on previous end-user interactions

Easily create SQL database or connect to existing SQL databases.  Required data fields can be simply dragged onto the relevant eForm controls, without any need for coding.

FX can automatically create a new SQL database, eliminating the need for any specific database.


Extensible Visual Elements

An ever growing and extensible library of standard stock elements including:

File upload – allow the user to provide extra information

Automatic navigation progress bars – providing structure for end-users

Postcode and NHS number validation

Fully interactive Bing and Google Maps

'Add to cart' facility – eCommerce payments

Payment elements such as Capita Pay360

Ink Picture – free-draw area for annotation and signatures

Advanced creators can produce their own visual elements using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and then shared with other services and organisations.

Compile groups of elements that can be reused when producing eForms in the future, ensuring all of your eForms have the same look, feel and functionality.



Read and write to existing systems via databases and web services, giving services the ability to integrate data seamlessly.

Data can be automatically sent via email upon submission, giving the freedom to incorporate eForms into existing workflow processes.

Data from completed eForms can be published as a PDF document working with MS Word for control over look and feel.

Intuitively enforce data validation with email, postcode and NHS number check, to ensure greater accuracy of eForm submissions and improve data quality.

Deploy alongside NDL’s SX for integration with Robotic Process Automation



FX Server is deployed via the Microsoft industry standard IIS Server and all data is encrypted.

End-users can be authenticated to ensure only permitted users access the eForm.

Integration with Active Directory

‘Transaction logging’ records all form submissions from end-users, providing insights that a service can use as part of your organisational BI.


Extensible Functionality for the Advanced User

Advanced eForm creators can configure FX eForm content entirely by using the latest web technologies and standard JavaScript web code.

Full diagnostic logging allows advanced eForm creators to quickly identify any issues that occur and resolve them instantly

The NDL Product Services Team is always available to provide help and guidance from a technical perspective.

Benefits of eForms created using FX

Better data analysis, resulting in improved care and efficiency

Improve data security and GDPR compliance

Save money by reducing the amount of paper and wasted resources

Improve data quality and integrity with more structured data

A more convenient and reliable method of collecting patient or parental consent

Unlock the potential for better data analysis, resulting in increased efficiency and improved care

Improve security of data and GDPR compliance

Save money by electronically triaging data and reduce the amount of wasted resources.

Rapid creation means a lower cost for creating new eForms

Corporate licensing means you can bring new forms on whenever you need.

“ The toolset has provided much needed analytical insight quickly and demonstrated the speed of turnaround from concept to a live environment ”
Alan Collinge
Business Intelligence and Information Services Manager
Birmingham Community Healthcare
Birmingham Community Healthcare
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What Next?

If you'd like to find out how you can use the FX toolkit to create feature-rich, responsive eForms that integrate directly with back-office systems, then please contact us.