MX: Mobile App Platform

MX is our low-code mobile working platform. Putting user at the heart of your processes, wherever they may be.

MX is our scalable, secure and easy-to-use low-code toolkit that puts you in control of mobile app design, deployment and management.

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  • Create bespoke, cross-platform apps that can be used online or offline to improve service delivery, security and integrate with your existing back office systems.
  • MX has all the tools and functionality needed to digitise and mobilise any working process.
  • The platform gives complete flexibility to create bespoke apps that target the specific requirements of an end-user and service, whether that be members of staff or the public. 
  • Adopting MX introduces flexibility when designing and delivering custom mobile applications, ensuring that users benefit from mobile working applications that meet their exact requirements and provide a rapid return on investment.  

MX Key Features

Easy to Use

Simple to learn: no need for expensive device-specific developers

Low-code approach makes it quick to build applications that work

Involve end-users in the development process to produce better results

Quick to deliver and adapt as working patterns evolve

Work the way the end-users want and need to work

Complete control of User Interface / look and feel



Combines a multitude of different back-office systems into a single app

Database and Web services read and write

Works in conjunction with NDL’s RPA tool, SX

Produce task queues with NDL’s workflow tool, QX

Integrates with an organisation’s Active Directory to user security

Device Flexibility

Design just once and deploy native mobile apps that run on any device type

Allow devices and operating systems to be changed without redeveloping the app.

Make full use of the full range of native features and facilities on a device, such as photos, video, GPS, signature capture and push notifications.

Integrate with other apps on the device, such as mail, calendar and alerts

Ensure apps are familiar to the end-user – ultimately making them easier to use.

Offline Working for the roaming user

Apps deployed using MX work offline where data signal connection is lost or unavailable.

Automatic background synchronisation ensures that no data is lost.

Fully fault tolerant for unreliable networks

Data Security

Protect data with strong 256 AES encryption of local storage and communications

Controlled access to apps with additional full user authentication using Active Directory

Central control of which apps are deployed to which users, groups and devices

Full audit capability with granular views of users, apps and devices

Resilience and load balancing choices to support huge user communities 24/7

Deploy in a data centre, in the cloud or both


Benefits for Local Government, Social Housing, Education and Police

  • Reduce admin tasks, allowing more time for frontline care
  • Improved data security
  • Improved staff safeguarding
  • Save hundreds of hours of back-office time
  • Save on mileage costs, and reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce annual inspections cycle time
  • Improve decision-making with up to date and accurate information
  • Improved management
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Benefits for Healthcare

  • Save time – one hospital made a time saving of over 1 million minutes per year with images now transferring to a patient record within 3 minutes, instead of 3 hours.
  • Improve patient data security and accuracy
  • Improve patient care with richer clinical data due to more clinicians using photography during assessments
  • Help to improve CQC and HIMSS ratings
  • Reduce clinical risk with accurate and real-time data
  • Improve appointment timekeeping and quality of care
  • Automate the transfer of data to back-office systems
  • Give community-based clinicians efficient access to data from tablets and smartphones
  • Remotely view and update information held on clinical systems wherever you are
  • Obtain rapid access from power up to the patient record in less than one minute
  • Access information for the duration of a shift without needing to power off to extend battery life

MX in action: Warwickshire Council

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) has a property portfolio worth circa £1bn. As a result of such a large portfolio of properties, the inspections process proved to be very time consuming and labour intensive. To complete the inspections, the Council originally had a manual paper process which consisted of the inspector using pen and paper to gather data on site. When returning to the office, the information collected on paper was collated and manually entered into the Council’s condition survey system. 

Find out how MX was used to develop a completely paperless buildings inspection process

Warwickshire County Council Stock Conditions Surveys
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MX in action: Nottinghamshire Healthcare

At Nottinghamshire Healthcare, multiple clinicians were observing the same patients throughout the day. During each observation clinicians would record their notes on paper and were not always able to update the main system or their colleagues in real-time. This fragmentation of patient notes on paper meant that not all observations were available for reference, resulting in overdue observations, repetition of work and the development of care plans that were not always as effective as they could have been.

Find out how the Observations App developed using MX changed this and increased the amount of transactions processed each month from 28,000 to 55,000.

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