West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

WSFT meets national reporting requirements whilst freeing up time for Cancer Service Team with RPA


John Bugg, Senior Integration & Development Specialist from West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, explains the impact of using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline the reporting of patient data into the nationwide platform - Somerset Cancer Register.

By employing RPA, the trust's Cancer Services Team gained;
  • The ability to efficiently record drug-level detail, adhering to new governmental requirements.
  • Increased data accuracy whilst banishing any margin for error when correlating key details with its e-Prescriptions system.
  • Time to focus on more impactful contributions to a patient's cancer support by removing the prospect of additional workload.


'I am quite proud of what we have achieved. With only a small amount of changes twice a year when there is a new Somerset upgrade, now it's benefiting from the fact that it's written, it's there, it's running every day and slowly racking up the savings.'
John Bugg – Senior Integration & Development Specialist